Manuka Resources Limited's 2021 Annual General Meeting will be held virtually on Monday 13 December 2021 at 2:00pm (Sydney time).

    Please find below the following documents, relevant to the AGM:

    Proxy Lodgement Instructions:

    If you will not be able to attend the AGM online at the scheduled time, you can participate in the AGM by appointing a proxy to attend and vote live at the AGM. If you attend to appoint a proxy, please lodge a proxy vote online at by 2:00pm (Sydney time) on Saturday 11 December 2021.

    A personalised proxy form has been emailed or posted to you. Contact the Company on to request a replacement form.


    Virtual Meeting Participation:

    The company is pleased to provide shareholders with the opportunity to attend and participate in a virtual Meeting through an online meeting platform powered by Automic, where shareholders will be able to watch, listen, and vote online. 

    To access the virtual meeting: 

    1. Open your internet browser and go to 
    1. Login with your username and password or click “register” if you haven’t already created an account. Shareholders are encouraged to create an account prior to the start of the meeting to ensure there is no delay in attending the virtual meeting 
    1. After logging in, a banner will be displayed at the top once the meeting is open for registration, click on “View” when this appears 
    1. Click on “Register” and follow the steps 
    1. Click on the URL to join the webcast where you can view and listen to the virtual meeting 
    1. Once the Chair of the Meeting has declared the poll open for voting click on “Refresh” to be taken to the voting screen 
    1. Select your voting direction and click “confirm” to submit your vote. Note that you cannot amend your vote after it has been submitted